Photo Album

These images are mostly of Washington State. I owned a UHF repeater when I was there and was co-owner in a 6 Meter repeater with Loren KB7APU. I've since sold those and I'm in Texas now. I brought the above repeater with me and I have plans to get it back on the air. I'm also thinking about getting a 900 MHz repeater and getting it on the Echolink node. More on that later I guess.

Icom 706MKIIG with Astron Power Supply


N7JCK-9 at the Larch Mtn site in SW Washington

N7JCK-9 on the way off Larch Mtn in SW Washington

Putting together the UHF repeater.


On the way down Larch Mtn in SW Washington. The view of Livingson Mtn and Portland Oregon in the background.

A view to the North from Larch Mtn. On the left is the volcano, Mt. St. Helens and to the right of the tree is Mt. Rainer.

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